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Trust Passportâ„¢ is an innovative new online identity product which levels the playing field by confirming that your website is authentic and owned by a legitimate company. It allows a visitor to your website to confirm in a couple of seconds who you are and links your real identity to your virtual identity in real time, thus allowing your company to stand-out from the crowd.

How does it work?

A website needs to establish trust within 5 seconds to ensure customers stay on the page. Your professional looking website is not enough to establish trust. The Trust Passport™ offers you, the website owner, a convenient way to publish and display your verified identity on your website, helping to establish your online credibility and build trust. When a user clicks on the Trust Passport Fingerprint logo displayed your  website, a full Trust Passport™ is displayed on screen, showing an array of verified, official company information helping them make an informed decision about the website's trustworthiness.

How it works

Key Benefits:

  • Establishes your online trusted identity in seconds
  • Gives you instant credibility using globally recognised and trusted sources in real time
  • Reduces shopping cart abandonment which has been proven to lead to an increase in revenues
  • Utilizes additional third party services including verification by a leading SSL supplier GlobalSign, Google Safe Browsing, Web of Trust reputation data and Armorize Malware Scanning
  • Can be viewed on Android smart phones or via a signed PDF on iPhone
  • It is fully customisable for specific third party or customer needs