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GBR Authenticate is an innovative new way of keeping your customer records current with official government data in a fast and efficient way using GBR’s API.

How does it work?

GBR Authenticate uses the GBR API to extract current company profiles and company filing documents from the Companies Registers around the world. The system matches this information against the current information stored in your database. If there is a difference the old record is replaced with the new one and the old one is then archived. This ensures that all your stored customer records are correct, according to official records, and automates a long and tedious process which previously existed. This remediation services can be set to check and update your customer records on an annual or bi-annual basis or as often as you require.

How it works

Key Benefits:

  • Ensures all your records are correct with the latest official information
  • All information is sourced from the official Company Registration Offices all over the world
  • Ability to download the latest required documents to maintain compliance
  • The system is fully automated – eliminates long and tedious manual tasks
  • Checks can take place during a set time frame suited to your needs