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Using the GBR API, you can quickly add the power of the GBRDirect network into your own business processes. This allows the user of your site or application the ability to directly search and access the data stored in the National Companies Registers connected to the GBR portal

How does a GBR API work?

The GBR API can connect your site or application directly into the companies registers around the world.  Our API can be tailored to suit your needs, simply let us know what you require and a member of our support team can get you up and running as quickly as possible. Our fastest implementation from customer signup to having a deployed instance of the GBR API was 24 hours!

How it works

Key Benefits:

  • Streamlines many of your business processes
  • Increase productive engagement saving you time and money
  • Automatically update poor or outdated corporate records
  • Provides business intelligence to make better informed decisions
  • Allows for easy dissemination of official government data
  • Provides a better user experience